Frugal Wedding Manifesto: Let’s talk about actual numbers

Let’s say you have just decided to start planning a wedding (congratulations!), and let’s say you want to be financially responsible about it. One of the first things you might do is start searching for budget weddings online, to look for inspiring examples and get some good advice. Here’s what you will find:

–          Lists of things not to include in your wedding

Gee thanks internet! I couldn’t figure out on my own that an off-peak season wedding would be cheaper, or that second hand things are cheaper. Who knew?

 –          Featured weddings calling themselves budget, that really aren’t

 Singularly unhelpful, internet. And please stop making me feel poor.

 –          Featured weddings that look and claim to be budget, but they haven’t told you how much was spent

Except on Style Me Pretty, where even the featured $5000 wedding (the only “Budget Beautiful” one that has a number attached) looks expensive. You too can fake being rich!

Here’s what you won’t find very easily:

–          Featured weddings that detail how much was actually spent on each item

Unless you were reading A Practical Wedding on the day back in 2010 that Meg got everyone to comment anonymously with their budgets. 491 comments! Score! Except, now we don’t have pictures…sad face.

Here’s what you won’t find at all:

–          Featured weddings that discuss how the in the world it was paid for

–          A discussion about how to fit financing the wedding into the rest of your financial life

The absence of this one is especially frustrating on the blogs that are supposed to be all about kicking the ubiquitously unrealistic Wedding Industrial Complex to the curb.

So Frugal Wedding is here to fix that. Frugal Wedding is your destination on the web where we can talk about the actual numbers.


4 responses to “Frugal Wedding Manifesto: Let’s talk about actual numbers

  1. Excellent advice so far! Looking forward to more about frugal options for a wedding where I live, in New Zealand.

  2. NICE! Viva La Revolucion. I too am bothered beyond measure at there being NO prices on anything. I think you might appreciate this post (I don’t normally going around plugging my posts, but I truly think you’d dig this one since it addresses the price issue).

    Wedding magazines make me a little sick. If I were in charge of the world, every pretty photo would have labels with prices.

  3. Damn straight, Lauren! Going over to your blog now…:)

  4. One thing I’m doing is writing down every.single.expense (wedding-related). Just so there are no surprises! And hopefully it’ll help someone who’s planning a budget wedding down the road.

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