Just get married in your reception outfit

I’ve talked before about how I think we should all get over ball gown wedding dresses – we can’t afford them, and they don’t fit into the kind of receptions we can afford to give. And because standard weddings aren’t crazy enough, we now have this growing phenomenon of TWO wedding dresses. Because obviously, why buy the most expensive outfit of your life to wear for one day, when you can buy the most expensive outfit of your life to wear for one hour?

The rationale behind the the second dress is that you want to be comfortable at the reception, you want to relax and dance, you want to be able to eat, you don’t want to be too hot/cold etc. Turns out, you often can’t do these things whilst wearing 5-10kg of train with a cinched waist. No kidding.

So since we want a party-appropriate dress for the reception, and we can’t afford the standard ceremony dress anyway, why not just have the ceremony in the second dress, and not bother with the first one? Sigh, can you imagine how great that would be…You’d be comfortable! You wouldn’t have to change! You can afford it!

Of course the reason why people hardly ever do this is that we’ve been injecting shots of concentrated Wedding Koolaid since we were kids, and generally that started with the dresses. Wedding dresses are like the gateway drug of Wedding Koolaid. They’re the foundation of wedding madness. And they are the very last thing people want to give up.

So we need an antidote, a place where we can go that will sell us on the romance and awesomeness of dresses that are affordable and partiable. I’ve started a little collection on Pinterest – it’s on my sidebar, so you can click through from there when you need respite from, oh, every wedding magazine ever. It’s one little push against the massive iceberg that is the WIC, but it’s a start.

PS. Because I’m looking at having a beach wedding, there’s a slant there towards casual beachiness. I would really love more contributions though – if you’ve seen some nice short, casual dress pics, please let me know! You can find my email in the About section.


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