Things I have been doing whilst not blogging

  • Hosting future brother-in-law for a few days
  • Hastily finishing up various things at work, to prepare for…
  • Flying to New Ziln
  • Helping set up, and then having a grand time at a good friend’s wedding. Tried to suppress the tendency to philophise about weddings, so that I could focus on…
  • Finishing off and handing in my PhD thesis. A friend who has been through that gauntlet had this to say about the experience, and I think it’s pretty apt: “Science is a room full of toys and a PhD is where you take a screwdriver to one of them, bash it until the batteries fall out, spend many years trying to get the batteries back in without breaking it, mangling it even further, swap screwdriver for a mallet, ultimately give up, ram the screwdriver in a doll’s eyesocket, take the photo and have it laminated, then become exceedingly interested in a speck of dust on the windowsill until someone has mercy and shoots you. At least, in theory.”
  • Flying back to S’pore

I’m sorry about the drought, you guys. As soon as I recombobulate, I’ll get back to posting.


2 responses to “Things I have been doing whilst not blogging

  1. Best of luck with your thesis – let me know as soon as you’re through the other side of that so we can plot the takeover of WeddingWorld.

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