If you’re having a wedsite, it may as well be free (plus some wedding blogdom commentary)

Wedsites have been on my mind a bit lately. As I mentioned before, the cool thing about this modern wedding necessity is that it doesn’t have to cost you anything. A recent wedding innovation that is not about increasing consumption! It’s not hard to find free wedding websites that have all the functions you need. This is one of the very best things about the internet – people put stuff out there for free, and it just makes all our lives better. Sometimes I feel all warm and fuzzy inside thinking about that, and it restores my faith in humanity (not joking).

Meanwhile, of course, there are plenty of people online hawking non-free wedsites. Why in the world would you possibly choose to pay for something when you can easily get a just-as-good version for nothing? The only reason I can think of is that the specific graphic design is REALLY important to you. That, and/or you are sold on the brand of the website promoting it. Or maybe you don’t know how to google the words “free wedding website”.

So let’s make clear that the graphic design of your wedsite will not affect anything about your wedding day. But maybe you’re just into that stuff anyway, and also you cannot find something from the 129 designs on weddingwire that satisfies your need for good design. Fair enough. I hope your wedding budget can take it. Except if you’re like most people, you probably can barely afford your wedding, or you’re actively not affording it (*points at self*). So I’m going to just say it: paying for the design of your wedsite is unrealistic for most people.

Of course APW have just announced a collaboration that sees APW selling wedsites. You know, for money. This has always bothered me about APW, as you guys know: the simultaneous anti-WIC preaching and advertising of expensive wedding shit. Once upon a APW comment thread, Meg explained her rationale:

Here at APW we talk a lot about making a wedding budget that is created around  what makes you happy. IE, do what you love and ditch the rest. I (to my great  surprise) cared a lot about creating custom invitations, which we did with help.  That excited me, but I was willing to totally ditch a lot of other things, (no  DJ, no florist, no favors, no night wedding, etc.) to help make that happen. I  spent on what I loved, and got rid of the other stuff all together.

Well, I’m not buying it. The idea of choosing to spend more on things that are important to you is not revolutionary, it is the everyday life of all adults. So that is really not the point. It’s also not a question of choosing which luxuries you will include: I’ve looked up the stats and run the damn numbers, and most people are struggling just to figure out how to afford the basics (venue to fit people, refreshments to give them). Does no one else get frustrated about the disconnect in APW’s messages?

Argh, I feel like I could talk in circles for hours about APW. I have mixed feelings about it, because some of the content there is actually valuable. Plenty of people see no problems at all though, and it’s interesting to watch how the brand of Meg herself is a central part of APW’s business model. The fact that a business based on weddings can write a whole slew of posts about Amtrak, and people find it relevant and interesting, is testament to the fact that for a lot of readers, APW is about Meg, and not necessarily weddings. I think this is key in the other stuff APW gets away with, like repeatedly asking people to buy the book both online on the release date as well as on the book tour.

So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the reaction to APW selling unnecesary wedding shit is nothing but one of support (I’m looking at you Rogue!), but I am disappointed. Anywho, here is a list of places where you can get FREE wedding websites that will do what you need, and that make me feel like the world is a wonderful place:


PS. Rogue, I still love you.


7 responses to “If you’re having a wedsite, it may as well be free (plus some wedding blogdom commentary)

  1. I haven’t had time to thoroughly check those free wedding website options you mention so I’m not sure if they all offer this, but for me, Glosite+APW’s selling point is basically, the e-mail stationary; and all the unlimited RSVP options they have.
    Yes, I know there are other (possibly cheaper than $109) options out there for e-mail stationary, but if I wanted to go the e-mail invitations route, then I’d most definitely want a website that (easily & painlessly) keeps track of everything wedding/guestlist related.
    And then it would make sense to have everything (invitations, save the dates, wedding website, guest list, etc) with a single company, instead of using (a free) one for your e-mail invitations, another (free) one for your website, etc. Not only because it would be easier to keep track of everything, but because everything would match (and yes, that is actually important to me!).
    I hope this makes sense, and I’d love to hear what you think about my perspective.

    • If matching is important to you, then it’s important to you. That’s cool. It’s important to me to have a wedding on a beach, and dog knows that’s not practical. As long as it’s not making you broke it’s all good.

      The wedsite I ended up using did have RSVP functions as well, so just be aware that that isn’t something you have to pay for to get. Also plenty of the free wedsite designs have matching stationery that you can buy. I think it really boils down to whether you’re ok with using one of free designs or not.

  2. Hah! I think you make nothing but valid points m’dear. And I agree that APW is very much about Meg – she’s relatable. She is professionally relatable. Hearing her speak the other day, I can tell you that she has honed the skill of marketable relatability.

    But her hawking wares on her site doesn’t bother me one bit. I’m a huge fan of women entrepreneurs finding ways to make a buck by hook or by crook. I also think her central messages are ones that need to be shouted in WeddingWorld, and that girl can shout with the best of them.

    Sure, she’s part of the wedding industry. But if the wedding industry were modeled on Meg’s take on it, I think it would be an improvement. Love her or hate her, she has spear-headed what I call the conscious bride movement.

    Also, I am re-sending that damned book to you because I think it got ripped off en route. Don’t try to stop me. It’s already bought, paid for, and signed by Meg herself. 😛

    • Aw man, Rogue, the universe owes you so much good karma already, and here you are just digging yourself deeper in it. Stop being so selfish and giving things to people all the time. (In other words, I really really appreciate it).

      You know, I do agree that APW has value, and it’s certainly been a big influence on my thinking. But yeah, I get frustrated.

  3. For people who are either really into design and able to design their wedsite themselves or those who want more personalization in other ways, google sites is a good alternative to wedding-specific sites. I used google sites for mine because I couldn’t find anything on the more traditional sites design-wise that really fit with our wedding theme (Doctor Who). It wasn’t quite as easy to set up as the one I started to use on mywedding.com, but it wasn’t too hard once I figured out how to create forms from google docs spreadsheets.

  4. Wedsite is a great way to organise a wedding without any fuss.

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