My adventures in venue booking, Part 2

When I left you at Part 1, I had just been quoted a price WAY more than I had had in mind, and in a last ditch effort, decided I needed to talk to the venue people in person to try and convince them of the unfanciness to which I was willing to stoop. Resort A was telling me 90 dollars “plus plus” per person, and had also unhelpfully sent me the details of their special wedding package for newlyweds that included stuff like massages, rose petals spinkled on beds, and a fancy table set for two, all for just a few thousand dollars for a one or two nights. Resort B meanwhile had been unforthcoming with the prices.

Meanwhile another local expat friend (sup, V!) who is planning on getting married a few months after me, was doing some research of her own, and unearthed herself a $35 per person deal at a resort in Bali (read: a flight away from Singapore). And that’s right about when I started dreading whether it was even possible to do this thing this close to Singapore, land of everything-twice-the-price-as-surrounding-countries.

The problem is, I’m attached to this whole beach thing. If I was being strictly practical, we could just rent out the function room in our condo. I would bake wedding cupcakes myself and M would brew all the beer, and we could pull it off for super cheap. But then our wedding would be taking place *inside*, in a shut off and 100% characterless room with air con going. And…I just really didn’t want that. Or maybe we could set up something on the beach we live near to, with it’s extremely narrow strip of sand, hordes and hordes of people, and lack of swimming in the sea because it’s dirty, even though it is completely stinking hot. I just didn’t want that either. Me, with the whole screw wedding cake, screw wedding dresses, screw save-the-dates attitude, that very same person, was stuck on wanting for something more expensive, for purely aesthetic reasons.

I met with Resort B first. It was a giant relief. I may have implied that this wasn’t a wedding, but just a casual celebration around a wedding, as if it was one of the side events. The happiness started when she said that yes, a party on the actual sand itself is possible. And then the happiness grew: Yes, we can do a buffet where everyone just helps themselves. Yes, we can set up beer barrels with taps where everyone just helps themselves. Yes, we can set up a soundsystem down there so you can have speeches and play music off your laptop. But then! No, we can’t have a bonfire. Not as happy. But then, WE WILL HAVE FIRE TORCHES! Fire torches people!!! And all this would cost $35 “plus plus” per head for the food. Which translates to $42.35 per person, and extra for the drinks. There isn’t even a venue rental fee, though of course we’ll be paying to actually spend a few nights there. Sing with me: OH HAPPY DAY…

The very next day, I met with the person from Resort A, and gave him the same spiel. It wasn’t as happy: We couldn’t do it on the beach. We would need to have the reception either inside, or in a section of the outside bar with the rest of the bar filled with general patrons. There would be no bonfire there either. Also, the lowest he could go on food was $55 ++ per head = $66.55. Also, no fire torches.

We got engaged at Resort A, so we’re kind of fond of it. We’d had it in mind the entire time, including the morning of the day we got officially engaged. But alas, the other resort sounded better. The only thing left to do was check it out in person. I made some calls.

Ten days ago, we took the ferry over, and came across a guy holding a sign saying “Ms. Lindsay”, hopped into a car with him, and got taken to Resort B for the first time. We got greeted with cooldrinks that had decorative citrus slices on the rims. We got toured around the resort in a gold* cart. We were guided through the beachside restaurant, our backup plan in case of rain. We were shown different hotel rooms. We sat poolside in deckchairs swigging duty free Baileys. We sat at a bar in the pool, singing along to Roxette’s Joyride album. We rented electric bikes for an hour and went all around. We walked along the beach. We slid down waterslides.

So it’s officially on with Resort B, also known as Bintan Lagoon Resort. And you guys, FIRE TORCHES. Who needs bonfires anyway? And yes, the whole thing is basically a dream come true.

*Edited to add: After I published this, fiance called to tell me that even though the resort was nice, it was a golF cart, and not made from gold. He also feels it would be relevant to add that this is because you can play golf there. In case some people care about golf. Which I don’t. But thanks babe!


7 responses to “My adventures in venue booking, Part 2

  1. That sounds amazing! Only $42 per person? Wow, I’m very jealous!!

  2. I’m ashamed to admit I had visions of you tootling around in a shiny gold cart. O.o

    Fantastic news that it’s s dream come true- that’s how it should feel, whatever the budget. So happy for you guys!!

  3. Eeeeeeeeeeee! YAY. I’m so excited you found a great venue for a really good price! Over here, I think we’re around $88-$100 U.S. per person. Blech.

  4. OK, let me get this straight. You got a reasonable price by being disingenuous about the fact that you’re planning a wedding. Classic! And by classic I mean: WTF?

    Still, I’m stoked that you found your venue 😉

    • I’m having some trouble interpreting your tone here, but I’m going to go ahead and assume you meant this nicely.

      But yeah, it seemed the only way to make them understand I didn’t want all the extra shit. Also, right now we’re leaning towards having the legal stuff done the previous week, and then have our ceremony just be us saying our vows to each other plus some readings. We’re already legally bound as it is, so the whole wedding is really more about making explicit, in front of our people, the promises that have already been implicit for quite some time.

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