Podcast: Me talking wedding budgets with Rogue Bride and Hindsight Bride

I’m not saying this is exactly what went down, but when I remember recording this podcast with Rogue Bride and Christie from Hindsight Bride, these are the words I recall being said:

Christie: Lindsay writes an angry, righteous blog…
Me: What? No, I’m a nice person, I swear!

Me: Wedding budget calculator. Income. Wedding budget calculator. Percentage. Calculator.
Them: You’re a massive nerd.

Them: Wait, is it REE-dill, or rye-DELL?
Me: What the hell are you guys talking about.

All of us: Sha-vari chairs? Key-uh-vari? What is that anyway, frikkin Italian or something?

Christie: Rainbows and sausages.

Rogue: I’m going to punch myself in the face.

Them:*giving me compliments*
Me: You guys are the nicest people ever!
Them: What? No, we’re badass, we swear!

Shorter version:
Them: It’s nice that you’re badass.
Me: It’s badass that you’re nice.
(Thank you Robyn Sherbotsky and Ted Mosby.)

According to Rogue and Christie, my South African – Kiwi mongrel of an accent sounds sexy to the American ear. I’m not sure I believe them. Certainly I don’t think either saffas or kiwis enjoy my deviations from their norms much. So it’s possible they were just being super nice to me again. They’re tricksy like that. They keep saying nice things to you and offering to do nice things for you, and then also doing them, and then the next thing you know, you really really like them and start to feel like doing nice things back. It’s how they suck you in. They’re selfish like that.

You can listen to the podcast and assess my accent for yourself here.


5 responses to “Podcast: Me talking wedding budgets with Rogue Bride and Hindsight Bride

  1. The podcast sounds fun! Can’t wait to hear it.

    • I just finished listening to it, I loved it! I agree that photography is the hardest thing to do on a budget. Right now we’re considering hiring a photographer (which we love) and we can afford, but I feel sooo guilty for spending anything more than what is strictly necessary.

      • Photography is really a hard one. For all the other wedding crap, I can convince myself it doesn’t truly matter, and I can read accounts from past brides saying how you won’t care about decorations on the wedding day and you won’t care about them afterwards etc. But no one is saying that about photography. It seems to be something people do actually regret when it doesn’t go well. And then we’re faced with the unanswerable question, how good does it have to be to make you feel happy about it afterwards?

        Sometimes I wish we could run experiments on life. Try it both ways, see which one turns out better, and then go back and choose the best option. (/scientist)

  2. We loved having you on Lindsay! I think that’s the most relaxed episode we’ve had, and for me, the most fun. Also, your recap is pretty much how I remember it too. 😉

  3. hindsightbride

    I think that was the most fun we’ve had on a podcast. And your sober analysis of a sane wedding was a nice foil to our drunken boisterousness 😉 Hopefully we can have you on again soon! We”l have to time it so Rogue and I are drinking at 9 in the morning {wink!}

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