In which I bombard you with lots of dresses

When I say a lot of dresses, I’m not messing around. There are tens of images in this post, all lovingly and inexpertly cropped by me in Paint ( I don’t have Photoshop. They should confiscate my blogging license), which took a while.

All these dresses were selected for me by the lady of impeccable taste, the always gracious Valeria Chuba, who blogs with her mate Jenny over at Cultivating Style.  The idea here was to figure out exactly what I want, so that I can then find a dressmaker and tell them what to do. So the following pictures are about shape, and not so much about colour or fabric. Once we’ve figured out the dress, Valeria is going to help me choose accessories too. I’m totally excited about working with her on this.

Valeria’s approach to style is simple: whatever you are, she will make that look awesome. Like, if you’re flat-chested, she’ll make being flat-chested look awesome. If you’re short, she’ll make being short look awesome. Or in my case, if you’re Blake Lively but with more thigh, punier arms, and less boob, she’ll make that look awesome.

Anyway, enough text already. Here’re some images:

From Nonoo:


Pixie market (digging this hemline):

La Garconne:


Old Navy:

A whole bunch from Mango:

(liking these shoes too)


My personal fave!

More Mango!

(Are your eyes tired yet? We’re half way through)

And some more Topshop!

Alice by Temperly:

Via this article on Real Simple, we have Lilly Pullitzer,


and J Crew:

And finally, a bunch from BurdaStyle, a fashion magazine that sells dress patterns:

Whew. That was 35 dresses, right there. My urge to go shopping (as in, go to physical shops and try stuff on) has just quadrupled and is swiftly approaching critical mass. Tunic dresses, wherefore do I not already possess one of thine ilk?


10 responses to “In which I bombard you with lots of dresses

  1. My vote goes towards: Nelly (the orange dress), Mango dress (one above your comment “liking these shoes too” and Burda Style (the transparent one with the bathers underneath).

    • Yeah that Burda one is one of my favorites too. I’m leaning towards a deepish V neckline, and I like that you can do it in a kind of wrap design. Hmm.

  2. I love the hemlines on the one from Pixie Market and the fourth one from Mango. Of course, I also really like the deeper V necklines too, so I’m not much help. Oh and I’m digging shoulder frills for some reason at the moment, so I also love the one shoulder number from Mango. In fact, I think I’m going to wander to their website and see if I can find those two myself 😉

    • 🙂 Have fun shopping. I went to my nearest Mango and tried to find and try on as many of these as I could. I did find the one with the mullet hem, but the fit was crazy and wonky. I’m officially ruling out the mullet hem. On the same trip I did end up getting a casual tunic-y dress for everyday from somewhere else, so twas not all in vain.

  3. Also digging the hemline! Just adds a bit of something extra

  4. Ohhh my faves are #16 and #17…. and #21 is gorgeous and has a boho style that I love. Awesomeness overload!

    Good luck choosing my dear! x

  5. Well hey, so it does! Yeah, 21 is totally my favourite.

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